A Discussion on Melatonin – Its Production, Utility and Availability

Melatonin, a natural substance produced in the human body, is the hormone that induces sleep. A lack of it leads a person to experience various sleep-related issues. Thus, as a measure to correct this anomaly, the medical industry successfully synthesized the compound from plant sources. It is now used as a food supplement to make up for the low hormonal level.

According to recent findings, unlike many other medicinal prescription drugs which are unfit for long term usage, you can safely take natural sleeping pills – based supplements for long term use. Read on to gather more related information.


The stages of varying melatonin secretion

The pineal gland located in your brain is responsible for producing this hormone. Its regulation is a result of functional circadian rhythm that signals your brain to release it. Once there is a disruption in this rhythm, it gets difficult for your brain to produce this hormone in required quantity. The reason may vary from irregular sleeping habits to high stress or excessive medication.

Another biological factor that affects its production is age. It is secreted in large quantity among babies, a reason why they sleep for longer than usual. As a person ages, it leads to decreased secretion, bringing just adequate sleep. The level is the lowest among older ones which is a reason why they face difficulty in sleeping.

The hormone’s use as a supplement

Melatonin has been widely used as a supplement to induce normal sleep to a person. It is available in the form of pills or liquid throughout various wellness stores, both online and offline. They are made from both plant and animal sources. However, it’s best to avoid the ones with an animal source for their risk of microbial contamination.

They can effectively cure insomnia in its milder stage. However, for people suffering from acute insomnia for a long time, the advice is to consult a doctor before starting with this hormonal supplement.

Having information regarding the right dosage is also important. Since it does not come with FDA guidelines, you may get varied dosages in the market. However, the suggested range falls between 0.3 mg and 20 mg. When beginning to use it, start with a small dose to effectively understand your body’s response. Besides, it will also give your body a considerable time to develop tolerance towards this supplement. If you witness any side effects like depression, sleepiness during the day, etc., consult your doctor.

Other uses of the supplement include being a remedy for anxiety reduction in autistic and hyperactive kids. It also carries powerful antioxidant properties, thus, preventing inflammation of tissue and ulcer formation.

Availability of the hormonal supplement

There are numerous manufacturers and sellers bringing melatonin supplements to the market. Nevertheless, you need to be conscious while choosing the right manufacturer. Go for the one having high market credibility. They come with adequate dosage information printed on their labels. Also, stick to one source while purchasing to get consistency in quality.

The supplements are excellent sources to increase the level of this hormonal adequately. However, it is not required to continue for a long time. You may discontinue the consumption when your normal sleep cycle is back.

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