A New Career Path From An Old Passion

Freelance copywriting career

Most people who decide to pursue a copywriting career have long been lovers of the written word. I wrote fictional short stories and half written novels for years before I even considered a career as a freelance copywriter.

But it’s the best decision I ever made. My business has been rewarding personally, creatively and financially.

For those just getting started in their copywriting career here’s a few tidbits of information, some of it’s even useful!

freelance copywriter

Salary – A freelance copywriter makes anywhere from several thousand dollars a year to six figures and beyond. It all depends on the which market the writer focuses on, the writer’s experience, setting one’s own rates and business leads strategy.

Skills – Of course, you must possess some talent in writing if you are going to pursue a new freelance copywriting career. But you also have to KNOW you’re good! You know you’re good, right? What? Well, don’t wait for me to tell you, read your stuff. Go on, I’ll wait.

See? It’s good! So, don’t underbid or otherwise sell yourself short. You’re certainly not doing yourself a favor, but you’re also lowering the fee scale for other freelance writers as well.

Start your freelance copywriting business

We all get more accomplished if we stick together and the more confident you are in your success, the greater your chances of achieving it.

Sales – No, not writing marketing copy for your clients. You need to sell yourself before you’ll be able to see any clients coming in. First try to identify who your ideal clients are, what are their ages, salary ranges, socioeconomic or geographic areas.

Use this information to create a powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Design your USP to both address the potential client’s needs. This could be writing copy on a vague subject.  This sample post must have a compelling reason why they shouldn’t go to the other guy across the street. Show them why your Spanish property article is unique.

Know that starting a new freelance copywriting career means you will be CEO of your new business. Be prepared to have to work on addition skills such as organization, customer service and the dreaded and ever-elusive self discipline.

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