What Voice Should You Use for Your Marketing Collateral?

Why, that’s an excellent question, self. Thank you for asking. For the rest of you, marketing collateral refers to the items you use to market your business. Usually, it’s physical stuff, like brochures, rack cards or hand outs of any kind. The question is, what voice should you use? Omniscient? First Person? Third Person?

marketing collateral

Officially, you will want to think of what kind of business you have. If you are a personal coach, or someone who gets up close and personal with their clients, aim for the first person. I often do this. I’m a writer. I love to read my own words. On a serious note, though, you want to feel accessible to your clients. They are hiring you. You are the business and you are the brand.

If there is not a team answering the phones, then aim for first person. You may also mix yourself into your business. This is the case for doctors at medical spas. They have a team, but personally perform most of the work. The About Me or Bio page can be in first person. Otherwise, it reads like a pedestal-ed statue “Dr. James graduated with his degree in” as opposed to “I’m Dr. James. I have a passion for helping women look their best.”


When it comes to websites, the general school of thought always focuses on third person copy writing. You want to seem big. You want any callers to think your company is the next Apple Computers, worth billions. So, typically, the website copy will reflect comments like, “Our corporation is headquartered in the tri-state area.”

Third person

Other marketing collateral will typically be third person, as well. You will want to focus on facts about your service or features of the business. Even for personal businesses, life coaching, you’ll want to say who you help, how you help them and what makes you qualified to do it. These pointers are what make you ‘marketable.’ To, if you aren’t sure what they are, ask a copy writer to help you get creative. .

What’s your opinion on use of first person in marketing copy writing? How do you keep from sounding Dear Diary when you write first hand?

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